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Nur Box Theatre

Nur Box Experimental Film Festival is a free and publicly accessible film festival that focuses on experimental art based short films. Nur Box’s sole purpose is to provide Calgarians access to view locally and internationally produced independent works of short film, video, and media art, which might otherwise be inaccessible to the general public. 

Seeing a need for a platform for experimental films and animation, Nur Box strives to showcase the very best in short experimental audio visual projects from around the world. 

Nur Box started as a modular theatre with Box's positioned in public and private spaces all across the city waiting for curiouse explorers. The programming is always dynamic and sometimes challenging but always worth the time.


Due to Covid the festival has been changed from a daily screening to an annual festival taking place at the creative hub cSPACE in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The one day festival will take place on September 23rd 2023 screening in the Tree House theatre rooms and is free to the public. 

Accepted films will be programmed in short packages and screened multiple times throughout the day.

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Playing Now

On Sept 23rd 2023 Nur Box is screening selections from around the world from the Nur Box Experimental Film Festival free to the public at cSPACE Marda Loop in the Tree house theatre.

Screenings at 5pm and 6pm


9 short experimental films from around the world.

Konstantin by Hogan Seidel (United States)
Half Life by Laura Iancu (Romania)
Drawing & Customs 21 by Isa Babaei (Iran)
Resurrection under the Ocean by Serkan Aktas (Turkey)
Old New Age by Vasco Diogo (Protugal)
Dear Kevin by Kate Furguson (United States)
Yar by Fran Menchon (Canada)
The North Wind and The Sun by Anat Pollack (United States)
Mother Shipton’s Prophecy by Tim Feeney (United States



Nur Box Theatre has suspended it's operations  as of April 2020 due to Covid concerns.

An annual one day festival is shceduled for Sept 23rd 2023.  


Nur Box Theatre is host to a slew of festivals throughout the year, including a year round Nur Box Calgary Film Festival. Nur Box Experimental Film Festival and special screenings. If you are interested in having your work of film, video, animation, or media art screened at a Nur Box, please submit your work via FilmFreeWay. If you are from Alberta contact us for a waiver code.

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