Nur Box Theatre

The Nur Box Theatre is a free and publicly accessible modular screening venue. Nur Box’s sole purpose is to provide Calgarians access and opportunity to view locally and internationally produced independent works of film, video, and media art, which might otherwise be inaccessible to the general public. Nur Box Theatre’s are positioned in public and private spaces all across the city waiting to be explored. The programming is dynamic and sometimes challenging but family friendly and always rewarding. Nur Box Theatre is curated every month by local filmmakers, non-profit arts, film, and media organizations, and a variety of festival and guest curators.

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Playing Now

This month, check out a bunch of culinary-themed shorts featuring some of the best from Calgary's restaurant and bar scene in a series called Chefly Screen Shots. Produced in 2014, these films were originally presented to an audience with a band performing the score live, at an event celebrating the 20th anniversary of City Palate magazine. Original music by Six Degrees Music and Sound, featuring Chris Vail with Andrea Wettstein and Alec Harrison.



Nur Box Theatre has suspended it's operations  as of April 2020 due to Covid concerns.

Boxes and film presentations will be resumed once deemed feasible. 


Nur Box Theatre is host to a slew of festivals throughout the year, including a year round Nur Box Calgary Film Festival. If you are interested in having your work of film, video, animation, or media art screened at a Nur Box, please submit your work via FilmFreeWay. If you are from Calgary contact us for a waiver code.

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