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MUSKEGO FILMS is the collaborative project between Shane Ghostkeeper, Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi and Sarah Houle-Lowry, friends with one goal, to share stories inspired by and or take place in the northern communities of Alberta, known lovingly as the great Muskeg. Often overlooked and underappreciated, the great north and the people who live, love and work there now and historically, constitute a rich tapestry of culture and traditions. Our goal is to showcase the people and the land through narrative film.

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Shane Ghostkeeper is an actor, musician, and storyteller from High Level and Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement in Northern Alberta. His work is interdisciplinary and imaginative, encompassing film, sound, performance, music, and installation art. Drawing from an embedded respect for the land and a proud Cree-Métis ancestry, Shane weaves stories throughout his practice, ranging from narrative compositions for his Polaris-prize nominated band, Ghostkeeper, to writing and acting in his upcoming feature film, Little People. His prolific multimedia practice is guided by a love for family, evidenced by two-decades collaborating with his partner, artist Sarah Houle, and their children, Vittal and Finn.

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Sarah Houle is an artist and performer from Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement in Northern Alberta. Her practice is collaborative and time-based, evolving from personal mythology, familial roots, and material explorations to encompass digital media, installation, and performance. A continuous thread follows her work: bold, pastel colours, beadwork motifs, and recurring characters of the Shapeshifter, Bird Boy, and Little People. Sarah makes her home in Mohkinstsis/Calgary, but family – near and far – is integral to her process, both as subjects and collaborators. She draws from ancestry and creates in community, never alone as she explores hidden worlds, shifting into focus over time

Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi is an award winning Canadian BIPOC writer, producer and director, splitting his time between Calgary and Montreal Canada. With producer credits in over 800 projects ranging from commercial work, music video, short form and feature documentary as well as showrunning 2 seasons of an award winning sketch comedy video on demand show and a slew of short narrative. Currently Ramin is engaged in the film festival circuit with his debut feature narrative film entitled drop. Credited as writer, producer, director. Ramin is inspired by engaging stories not often told fused with stunning images not often shared. 

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